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Front-end developers quite often encounter the task of centering block elements in CSS (verticaly and horizontaly). In this article, I’d like to share the most popular ways that I personally use all the time.

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Web development often requires developers to work in different environments. In the REST API world, frontend and backend are separated from each other. Very often, Front-end developers start working without having a ready backend.

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From Wikipedia: In computer programming, a guard is a boolean expression that must evaluate to true if the program execution is to continue in the branch in question. Regardless of which programming language is used, guard code or a guard clause is a check of integrity preconditions used to avoid errors during execution.

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CSS variables are also called “CSS custom properties” or “cascading variables”. When it was first introduced, preprocessors like Sass or Less had already become the standard in web development.

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When developing a WordPress theme from scratch it’s a good practice to internationalize your theme so it’s available for translation. It will allow people from all over the world to use it in whatever language they need.

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Recently I was working on a new project that is developed in React. Part of my job was to translate static HTML into interactive React components. I wanted to liven up a bit the application by using animation.